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We developed the Garage Door Decor over quite a few years of research and the determination to make people smile during the Holidays. All of the details came together and the Garage Door Decor was introduced. Since the the introduction of the Garage Door Decor it has brought fun and enjoyment to hundreds of happy customers at the Holiday Season and thousands of smiles from everyone that sees them.
The Garage Door Decor is designed to work with roll up garage doors. I have developed a system that allows quick and easy installation of the Garage Door Decor and allows you to use the garage door as you normally would. The hanging system consists of a hook system over the top of the garage door and a tensioning hook system at the bottom of the garage door. The hook system at the top allows for easy installation and also protects against theft of your Garage Door Decor because it securely holds your Garage Door Deor behind the frame of the garage door. The tensioning hooks at the bottom keep the Garage Door Decor flat and tight when the garage door is closed and allows you to open and close the door as you normally would. The tensioning hooks also help protect Garage Door Decor from damage in extreme high wind areas by flexing with the Garage Door Decor. The Garage Door Decor and the hardware are all constucted of the finest quality and most durable materials for many many years of enjoyment.
None of the hardware is attached directly to the door or the frame of the door.
Your Door Decor comes to you completly assembled and ready to install in less than 10 minute with two people.
Thank You and Happy Holidays to All!
Tim Mann