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 Garage Door Decor
The largest and most fun Holiday Decoration you will ever own.
Be the talk of the neighborhood this Holiday Season.

All Garage Door Decors on Sale!
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What is Garage Door Decor?

Garage Door Decor is a full size garage door mural Holiday Decoration that you hang on your garage door in a matter of just a few minutes. The Garage Door Decor makes it appear to people passing by that the garage door is open and you have a fun Holiday scene in your garage. Garage Door Decor created and manufactures the Garage Door Decor and is the only place you can get this item, nothing else compares to the Garage Door Decor in Quality, Designs and Pricing.
Garage Door Decor is designed to work on standard roll up doors and flat doors.
All Garage Door Decors are made of the highest quality materials and construction for many, many years of enjoyment.
The Garage Door Decor comes to you fully assembled in a reusable storage box and ready to hang on your door. The hardware we have developed allows you to hang the Garage Door Decor in a matter of just a few minutes and you are able to use your garage door as you normally would. There is nothing attached directly to the door (tapes, screws, etc.). It is truly an incredible and fun Holiday Decoration.
We have many designs and more coming each year. The Garage Door Decors have been sold for years and the comments received by every home owner, neighbor and passerby has been nothing but amazement and joy.
For all of the latest designs and information.
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